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Everybody Needs a "Human Firewall"

RayGuard is a "Human Firewall" protecting and strengthening the body against the negative side-effects of the modern high-tech life style. 

RayGuard is unique and an optimum way to counteract the detrimental/negative effects from EMF (electromagnetic fields).

Computers, mobiles, tablets, smart phones, wireless technologies and our modern electrical society produces EMF (electrosmog), which influences our brain, organism, system and health negatively.

An Investment in Your Health 

RayGuard strengthens your environment (inner & outer) towards electrosmog (EMF). RayGuard increases your Life force, Life energy, and your (family's) overall well-being.

We protect our computers with a firewall and we ourselves need a personal "Human Firewall".

RayGuard makes it more safe to use technology and is regarded a complementary product to the technologies of our modern life style.

RayGuard is an investment in your health.